FRAMES at Selfridges
A performance space for the social age

TEM collaborated with Selfridges to conceive and create our vision of a modern performance environment within their Oxford Street building. To create a controlled space where we could layer texture, colour and live performance in a 360 presentation.

To do this we conceived and designed a super-structure, supporting reconfigurable modular planes, integrating material, light, software and hardware. The structure was technically complex, yet designed to be controlled through a singular touch interface to create an environment where each visual and structural element worked holistically.
At the centre of the experience was video control. We treated video as a live texture. Using SDI feeds and video mixing to bring in roving and robo head camera feeds to feedback on to the stage in semi-transparent layers, refracted and reflected by layers of exotic film attached to the super-structure by a mechanical system, then filmed, re-mixed and broadcast live. We described the process as feeling like the curation of randomness, where artifacts, feedback and visual effects are intended for but couldn't be specifically designed to. The 360 presentation and layering then giving unique sight lines and visual compositions for guests to explore and photograph.

We brought to the project technology directly from the music touring world. Including the d3 GX2 server, NOTCH video engine, laser projection, fine mesh gauzes, addressed structural LED and moving head luminaires. The UI to cue and control all these elements was designed by us and deployed on a roving touch screen interface around the room.

Beyond the live experience, was the live streaming to social integrated within the environment, and the recording of live edited performances to create an archive of media. We are grateful to the many artists that performed with FRAMES in Selfridges and to the Selfridges team for working with us to create our interpretation of a live performance environment for the social age.
Design Week
The Handbook

TEM team:

BILD: d3 and hardware integration
BlueI: Projection and Lighting

TEM partners:

Music Alchemy: Artist programming
Family Film: Cameras and Film Direction
Streaming Tank: Social Integration